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      Believe in fate!


It all began when I was 15. I had been dating someone for the past year who was much older than me and not good for me at all, but I was young and he was my first love. I had recently met a boy just one year older than me and we were both instantly attracted to each other. It was valentines day when he brought a rose to my locker. We stayed late after school in the cafeteria holding hands and staring into each others eyes. We soon began kissing. It was more passion than I think we had both ever felt. We just seemed to fit together perfectly. So off I went to my boyfriend's apartment to break up with him.

We dated for 2 months, then broke up because I was still obsessed with my old boyfriend I bounced back and forth between them a few times before settling back to the old one. I soon realized I had made a big mistake. What I really wanted in a boyfriend was who I had just thrown away. He was romantic and a little old fashioned. The way he had done the little things and treated me like gold. He was absolutely crazy for me! I was on the rebound however and I think he just smothered me too much and drove me away. I took for granted who he really was. A smart, wonderful, caring young boy who someday would become a smart, wonderful, caring man.

We would see each other in the hallway and talk and even had a class together. Until he started dating someone else, who was extremely possessive over him. She was wildly jealous of me and called out names behind me in the hallway at school. She must have somehow sensed the passion between us. Eventually as they passed me together in the hall his head would simply be turned to the floor, not to look at me, not wanting to start an argument between him and his new girlfriend.

Two years went by and he left the school to go to college and I had one year left as well as his girlfriend. I now broke up with the older man I had been dating for more than 3 years. I wanted to see him again, I realized what I had lost and wanted to try again. So off I went to his house when I knew his girlfriend would be at school. I knocked at his door and he answered completely shocked! We talked a bit then began holding hands and eventually kissing. There was so much passion always between us. We saw each other secretly at the park for a week. He admitted to me that he had always liked me but we really have never known each other that well. He told me he couldn't just break up with his girlfriend after 2 years just like that without even knowing who I really was. So we agreed to keep seeing each other for a while. But before we could carry this out one of his girlfriend's friends had spotted us and told her! The next day she was at my locker causing a scene and wanting to fight me! I wasn't like that so I just tried to get out of it as soon as possible.

Well that seemed to be the end for us. The years passed and I moved on. I eventually ended up living with someone for five years and getting engaged. The man I was with now was extremely controlling though I didn't see it. I felt trapped and stressed all the time, not myself. I was always unsatisfied and wanted to change things about my fiancée.

I worked at the mall during most of high school and college and one day he came into the store alone. We talked a little bit I told him I was engaged. He told me he didn't want to marry his girlfriend, still the same one from high school. He left then and the other girls at the store questioned me. They could tell there were feelings between us. Then I turned around and he had come back again! This time he asked if I still lived at home. Regretfully I told him no. I wished I had because I knew he probably would have come around sometime.

I found myself wondering from time to time, what if? I occasionally drove by his house to see if I could catch a glimpse of him. I tried looking up his email address with no luck, called his house a few times to just to chat but always hung up, too scared to say a word. It had been 8 years since we had dated! My friends knew too, that deep down I had never lost my feelings for him. There had been a few late night conversations over the years with his name mentioned.

I finally broke up with my fiancée and felt a huge weight lifted from my shoulders. I found out he broke up with his girlfriend a year earlier. So a few months later I finally got up enough courage to call him. He wasn't home so I left a message for him. Which was good for me because I was so nervous. He called me back the same day. After talking a little we arranged to go out for a drink that weekend. Then again the next and after that second date we became inseparable. We learned so much about each other and fell in deeply in love. I discovered my feelings for him were not alone. He too had always had feelings for me. He thought about me from time to time over the years, about what if? Finding himself driving by my parents house, to try to catch a glimpse of me. He admitted to walking by my work but never having the nerve to come over. He had actually called me a few times but the message had never gotten to me.

We were able to relate to each other about our bad relationships and never being completely satisfied with our partners. We found exactly what we had always wanted in someone in each other! It's been seven months now and we live together so we can be together all the time. We love doing everything and nothing so long as we are together. I love every single thing about him and wouldn't change a thing!

We both believe we were truly meant to be together and fate reunited us at the exact right time in our lives.



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