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      My transatlantic love


I was out shopping one day in London when a man approached me to ask me directions. He was the most beauitful man I had ever seen in my enitre life. I tried to act normal and told him directions to a particular street he was looking for. He said thank you and walked away. He had the most gorgeous American accent and I found myself staring at him as he walked away.

Later that afternoon (after several hours of retail therapy) I decided to have a cup of coffee in a little coffee shop just off Oxford Street. Once I had sat down someone spoke to me saying "Thank you for the directions". I looked up and discovered it was the American guy I had seen earlier that day. I could not believe it. Things like this never happen to me.

We talked for hours and eventually went out for dinner. The hours literally flew by and before I knew it, it was 2am. We both did not want the evening to end so we walked around for a while until it got too cold.

I found out that he was in the US Airforce and was based in the UK. He said that he had been here for a couple of years and was leaving to go back to the US in a few months. I could not believe it. I had just met someone I really liked who was leaving as quickly. Just my luck really.

We exchanged telephone numbers and said goodnight. We did not kiss, I don't know why but I did not want to kiss him and never see him again. It sounds silly I know.

The next day I could not get him (Josh) out of my head. I was constantly watching the telephone and made excuses not to leave the house just in case he called. In the end I thought to myself "pull yourself toegther. If he calls he calls. If he doesn't, it is not meant to be".

As soon as I was about to leave the house, my telephone rang - it was him. He said that he could not get me out of his head and wanted to spend as much time with me before he left the country. I was thrilled.

The next few weeks together were the best I have ever had. We spent all our spare time together and tried not to think about his leaving which lay ahead.

Our first kiss together was so wonderful that I cried as I was so happy. I think I must have been crying as I knew I did not want him to leave to go back to the US and meet someone else.

Well, that dreaded day did arrive and it hit us both very hard. I remember crying and hugging him when we were saying goodbye. He was crying but kept saying it will be ok and he would sort something out.

He left and I was terribly upset. My friends and family were all so worried about me. My friends would organise nights out to try and make me feel better. I really appreciated this as for a few hours it did take my mind of things.

We telephoned each other all the time but somehow it did not make up for him not being here for me. We both found it very very difficult.

We had been seperated for a month when I found out I was pregnant. I could not believe it. I telephoned my best friend Lucy crying hysterically down the telephone and she came straight round to my flat. She calmed me down saying everything would be ok and suggested I call Josh. I did not want to do this. What if he thought I deliberately got pregnant just to make him come back to the UK. Oh I was in a awful state.

I decided (against Lucy's wishes) that I was not going to contact Josh for a while. I felt at the time that I needed to get my head around this pregnancy first beofre I told Josh.

Well days turned into weeks and eventually 3 months had passed without me speaking to Josh. He left so many messages, emails, and sent letters pouring his heart out asking why I would not return any of his calls. He could not understand why I did not want to talk with him.

Eventually my best friend Lucy took it upon herself to contact Josh to let him know what had been going on. She did this without my knowing and felt it was for the best. She expained to him over the telephone that I had discovered I was pregnant and did not want to tell him.

My friend Lucy said he was crying on the telephone because he was so happy. Once I heard this I called Josh straight away. The phone call was so emotional. All I remember is crying and crying and crying.

Josh arranged to come back to the UK to see me a few weeks later. Like the telephone call the reunion was very emotional. I remember going to the airport thinking, "My god, I'm huge and pregnant" and worrying what Josh would think about all of this.

When I met him at the terminal we just held each other for ages and I cried. He kept rubbing my tummy and saying that we were going to be ok and that he was so happy that I was pregnant.

Well that was over a year ago now. I'm glad to say that Josh and I have a beautiful son called Tom and we are getting married shortly.

I never thought that I would ever be this happy.


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