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      A hard lesson learned (poem)


I sit and I stare late into the night,

Knowing each moment that this can't be right.

The things that I've said, those things that I've done

Have cost me my Love, my soul mate, my only one.

I think and I feel and I wonder why,

What could I have done to prevent that last cry.

A hard lesson learned, the mistakes in my ways,

I should have shown 'I Love You' morning, night and day.

It is here now I sit knowing full well inside,

The actions of my past, my anger, my pride.

I have lost the one thing, through this time that I'll live,

The one person in my life, who did nothing but give.

So I write this apology to my one and only love,

The person I mistakenly placed other things above.

I'll love you this day, and forever to come

My love, my soul mate, my only one.

I miss you Debra Lynn, I am sorry.


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