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      When Frank lost Sally.... again


I first laid eyes on Sally in Sept. of 1970. We both had attended catholic high schools in Los Angeles (me-Salesian her=Sacred Heart). We had both received California State Scholarships and we had both decided to attend Pitzer College in Claremont, Calif.

We were going through a freshman orientation when we first locked eyes. She was so beautiful... it caught me by surprise. Myself, I had been a "dork" in high school. It wasn't until after I graduated that summer that I "sprouted". We kept eyeing each other all night throughout all the activities. At some time I ended up alone with her. I remember her reaching over and kissing me. I was in shock yet I was in heaven. It would be our secret.

Needless to say, it was "love at first sight" as corny as it sounds. We became very close. We made love (it was the first time for both of us) that first year in college. We lived in the dorms and one weekend we just stayed there instead of going home.

We built a relationship over the next few years. I had dropped out of college but she remained. Two years later she dropped out. We were still together. At this point in time I had really "sprouted". I was no longer an ugly duckling but was in fact quite handsome, or so I like to think. At this time Sally became pregnant with my child. Coming from a catholic all-boys school where I had never got the attention that I was now getting from girls my age I decided that I no longer needed her. I demanded that she get an abortion... otherwise "I would leave her". She got the abortion... But I still left her.

After a couple of months went by, I realised how much I really loved her. I wrote her a letter and I said how much I needed her and I wanted to marry her. I placed it in an envelope and together with a heart shaped pendant that I had engraved
"please call me" on the front and "I'm sorry" on the back. I left it on her doorstep.

I did not hear from her for 2 months. So I called her house. Her grandma answered. I asked if Sally had got my letter. She replied that yes she had along with a small gift box. In the letter, I had told Sally that I did not deserve her. If she did not respond I would understand and I would never bother her again. I realised then that I had lost her forever.

The rest of my life was spent with the thought that I would always be a bachelor. I could never love another. Years later I met my current wife who happened to be married at the time. (For some reason I always felt comfortable with married women... probably because I did not have to "commit") She soon left her husband and she also got pregnant. She assured me she would get an abortion but I begged her not to. I begged her to marry me even though I did not love her. I just could not bear the thought of losing another child. She relented and we were married.

27 years later I received an email from Sally. (I had registered on for an upcoming reunion). We started e-mailing back and forth like crazy. She told me she had only recently read the letter and got the pendant that I left there that night. It turns out that the Grandma had never given it to her. She had only got it recently because her mom had given her grandma's jewlery etc. so she could give it to her own daughter. It was at this time that Sally discovered the letter and the pendant. All this time she thought that the only man she had ever really loved had spurned her. And I thought that I had blown it with the only woman I had or could ever love.

We talked for the first time on the phone and all we could do was cry like children. We both felt cheated by fate.. her grandma... God... everything. We talked endlessly. We would talk every morning on our way to work. We would talk every lunch time and we would talk on our ways home.
We expressed our love and realised that neither one of us had ever loved another mate like we loved each other. We met and made love on my birthday. We met and made love on her birthday. We had been talking for almost 6 months to the day. On the morning of her birthday, I took her to breakfast and gave her a pendant that was pretty close to the original one. I had inscribed on it "thanks for coming back into my life".

Sally and I had our own phones (nextel cell to cell no charge because our first month's bills on our respective phones were outrageous) so when the phone rang 2 days later I automatically answered it "hey Baby". I heard a woman crying on the other side. Soon, I realised it was not Sally. "Frank, this is Cyndi...." I could hear a lot of crying and naturally my heart sank. She told me that Sally had died of a brain aneurysm that morning. She was Sally's sister and Sally had told her every thing about us including about our exclusive cell phones. I was very heartbroken. That morning we had promised each other that if either of us lost a spouse through death or divorce that we would wait for each other. I went to the funeral and commiserated with her mom and sister. There is lot more to this true story that I have left out because it pains me to write about it... but it is a true story... sadly.

Thanks for listening


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