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      Fate and the prom date


High school began for me in the 80ís. It was the usual tales of ups and downs. The football games, movie dates, dances and romances. It was there that I met the man I never knew would change my life forever almost twenty years later.

A new boy in school who blended in with my group of friends but caught my eye immediately, Brian was a stunning man. Tall, blonde with a smile that would not only make me melt but make me smile as well. There was something special about Brian; I just knew that I wanted him to be a part of my life. Being a sixteen year old girl I had an on again off again boyfriend who I was obsessed with at the time. As much as sixteen-year-old girls are about everything at that age. You think youíre in love, real love and that you know so much about the world. How wrong I was. Real love would not be found for years.

During a down time with my existing boyfriend I was fortunate enough to get to know Brian better. But, unfortunately I let my obsession for boyfriend number one get in the way. Brian and I managed to date a few times and attended the prom, it was not the best night to say the least, and our relationship basically ended there. We shared one short dance that night and that was all. I knew I had hurt his feelings by still hanging on to my feelings for my old boyfriend, but I thought that I never had a chance at any type of serious relationship with Brian. Who does at that age?

So life went onÖ we would see each other here and there from time to time. Both of us married and started families. Each time I would see him I would wonder what if? Years went by, many years, my marriage was rocky and unsatisfying but lasted for over a decade. In all that time I would hear a song, see a friend or a photo that would remind be of Brian and again wonder what if and what was his life like now.

Then one fall night in 2001, I saw Brian at a party. We talked for hours as though the years that had passed had only been days since we had seen each other last. And something was different between us. I knew then at that point that Brian would be in my life forever. He shared his tale of his rocky marriage and I did on mine. I had always thought he could have cared less about me, but I was wrong. At that moment I came to find out that he has been thinking about me just like I have of him. Brian remembered things about our time together and about me that I never thought was important to him. I was blown away. I was also saddened by all the time that was lost between us, all the love that we missed sharing with each other. Time wasted with other people. But now we had found each other again and that was most important. It was hard to believe that after fifteen years fate would give our love a second chance. But it did and we didnít waste one more minute of time lost. Brian and I finally got the chance to finish the dances we missed at our prom, only now they were at our wedding.

Jill 10/02


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