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      Life after abuse


My heart is so heavy and sad, and I feel like I am struggling to get through each day.

My husband is now gone, after 20 years of marriage and 4 children. Taken away and put in a hospital because he is sick with a mental illness and many substance abuse problems.

For many years there was much abuse, both emotional and physical. I am so terrified now of many things and have nightmares all the time. How do you go on and learn to trust again??? How do you know what is nice if you havn't seen it before???

In time I pray for the strength to go on and not hold such a heavy heart, and to get over the guilt I feel through each day. Guilt that I am trying to start over with my children, and I am not responsible for what has happened to him or where he now is.

I pray to God for so much, but each day is such a struggle.


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