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      In love with the worlds most wonderful man


When I met my fiancÚ Robert, it was in February of 2002. We met at a friends house. I was married to a abusive ex husband at the time and we had gone down to visit a friend and Robert happened to be there. When I took one look at him, I was wowed! I thought he was the cutest thing that I have ever met. But since, I was still married to the jerk of a husband, I couldn't do much. But, we remained friends.

Months later, I was over on vacation with my husband (made me go) and I broke my arm in 4 places. After surgery, a night in the hospital, I wanted to go home. My husband was kind of mad at me for wanting to. My parents were on their way over to see me because of me being in the hospital, but, I made up my mind. I told my parents I wanted to go home and we went on a 356 mile road trip with me in a cast and very sore. That's when I ran into Robert again.

When Robert saw me, he got scared. He asked if I was OK, and I said of course. I was falling more in love with him, and he had a crush on me, but he didn't want to admit it at the time. I left my husband finally at this time, so, I was finally free. I decided to ask Robert out.

After a week, Robert said yes to me, and we started dating. We realized how much in love we were, and a few weeks later when we were out on a date at a local bar, he asked me to marry him. I was stunned, but I said yes.

I am so in love with my guy that it is unbelievable and I can't wait to get married to this wonderful guy. Even though he is 29 and I am only 21, age doesn't matter in a relationship, it's the love that counts.


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