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      I am dying inside


I am dying inside, and I wish I were numb. I want the air to take me in and make me disappear, I have nowhere to turn.

He doesn't leave me because he knows I adore him, but he never speaks and he never listens, and he has broken my heart.

I am dying inside and I don't know what to do. He is sad and hurting and he doesn't let me in. We've been together for two years and I never wanted to love him and now, now I can't lose him. I don't know why it hurts so much. I can't understand how I can't shake this off. He was my love. What am I going to do? I am pathetic, eyes full of water and worry. Wrinkles that I shouldn't even have. Nights alone that I don't deserve. Why? why am I alone? what did I do? I am falling apart and I do not know when I'll be ok, or when I will want to wake up and not force myself out of bed.

I miss my smile.


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