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      The ocean that separates our love - poem


The first time I saw you I knew that we would be together. I am writing this poem to express my feelings for you and to tell you that I love even though we are far apart.

Thinking Of You

Despite the darkness that surrounds me

I always see a light

A star, directly above

Glittering and shining bright.

It reminds me of your smile

Which would always brighten my day.

I can only picture your face

As you live thousands of mile away.

So, every time I need you

I look up to the sky,

Searching for that star

That reminds me of your smile.

When I see that star

I hear you whisper in my ear,

"Remember, I promised you

I'll always be there."

Then I can smile

Even though we're far apart,

Because I know you're here with me

And I'm forever in your heart.

I love you Gamel

from Stacy


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