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      Taken for granted


I was in love with this guy. Forever and finally he wanted me too. We had a love that most people only dream of. He would call me every night. We would fall into a deep "trance" just by staring into each others eyes. But I grew suspicious when I went away and he called me and told me he had kissed another girl. I then started again with him, this time I was determined to make it last, the first try lasted so long and it was grand the whole way, but this time every time he'd get close I would push away afraid to get hurt but in reality all I was doing was hurting myself by taking him for granted. We split up and now all I think of is him.

If I would have acted differently, the real me, we would still be happily together, but I took him for granted and I pushed him away. Never ever take any one for granted, you never know how much you love them until they're not around.


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