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      Losing love is life`s greatest pain


Some people might say that love is the greatest experience that life has to offer, and this is true. However, losing love is definitely life's greatest heartache. That's exactly how I felt when I lost my baby, I didn't know why she ended it. Till this day I don't know, I remember it went something like this "I'm calling it off because I don't want to lose you," as much sense as that makes.

The times we had together were so special. To all those people that know how it is to be loved, there are no words to describe that feeling. And that's exactly how I felt. I've done everything a good man would do, I tried everything to win her heart back... but she would always tell me "I don't know." It's been a month since it ended, and there have been so many times when I've wondered "Maybe if I had said something else or done something else we would be back together." She was my angel, my baby... I would have done anything for her. She was Shash, but my angel has left me and now I'm alone. There are so many times that I tell myself to move on, and say how pointless it is to obsess over something that is over. But I guess what keeps me going is hope. Hoping that she will tell me that she wants to get back together.

To all those people that know what its like to lose someone u love so much, u know how I feel. Love is so blissful that you take it for granted. Only when love is gone is when you truly understand love.

Shash, I loved you with all my heart and I'm going miss you.



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