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      A poem to my Lil` Wonton


It's been almost 3 years now,

Since I last held you close to me.

But still I cannot get over you,

And I wonder how this could be.

What does this all mean?

What is fate trying to say?

Is it things I should hope for?

A better tomorrow over this lonely today?

But how can this be?

Whey does my love only grow?

Shouldn't time tell my heart,

What my mind already knows?

This thing called time,

Which is supposed to heal all.

That mends all wounds inflicted,

That picks up a broken heart when it falls.

Time has been no friend of mine,

Its malice has been more than unfair.

For as my love for you continues to grow,

So does this never-ending despair.

Why can I not get over you?

Move on and life my life free?

From your love that I cannot have,

From a dream that cannot be.

Still, is there a change you still love me?

Is there a chance to be together?

Can we make it right this time?

Can we live as one forever?

I wish I could say these words my heart does speak,

Desperately shouting out to you.

For your soul to hear my call,

And show our love is true.

Please hear this call for you,

Like a message brought by a dove.

I miss you more than this poem can say,

My G.D.Uy, my Panda, my Love.

--- Panda #2
"No Love"


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