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When I met my husband Lee 10 years ago, I had just been thru the wringer with a drug addict who had conned me into thinking he was alright and sober. when I found out he was lying I told him I was breaking up with him and that he was not to contact me till he was sober for a few months.

This did not sit well with him and he began cranking us with calls and following me every where and I had had no idea. when I began dating my hubby seriously, bob freaked out completely. I was called all hours of the day and night. my roommate was mad and told me that I had to leave because he was threatening and harassing us and he had recently keyed her car, which was spanking brand new. I did not argue and we parted on good terms and in fact we are still the best of friends.

I moved back in my parents and they screened my calls and when bob called they told him, "no more contact." and they would hang up. well lee and I had been dating about a month when I received a call from bob, is your mother home from work yet leeese" (a name he gave me and I hated it.) and I said no why? She's late isn't she? and I turned ice cold and lee looked at me and I signalled him to pick up the extension. Lisa is mommy dearest home?, bob what have you done? and he told me. he planted a bomb that would explode the minute she started her car and I knew it was real because he was a bombs expert, he learned it in the army. why I asked horrified and he said she broke us up and I said no bobby you did with taking drugs and hitting me.

When I asked him when he did this he told me it had been that morning and I hung up and called my mom at her work and got her boss who told me she was on her way to her car and I screamed no. I told him why and he dropped the phone and ran to her car and mom was just about to turn her car on when he stopped her. he told her I had received a death threat on her life and to leave the car a.s.a.p. when we got there the bomb squad was going over her car and I thought please let it of been a hoax, it had not. He had indeed planted a bomb to go off when the ignition was activated. I cried so hard.

At his trial he said he did it because he wanted me back, I think he did it because he thought my mom broke us up. on the day lee and I married I found out a friend who I had invited had in fact reported back to bob I was married and happy.

A week and half later he mailed me from his jail cell an apology. He was sorry and regretted doing it. He had only wanted me back and he said that way he thought consoling me would of brought him back to my life. but he said all it would of done was place him on death row. now he is out, married, has kids and he told my hubby last time that he has daughter and now he can see why roz was happy to see him gone," I wouldn't want a druggie like me to even date her", he has been sober now for 9 yrs.


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