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      A boy to change my life


Well it all started on my vacation. I was interstate with my little brother, and we were on holiday for a month. For the last 3 weeks we were staying with our aunt, whose husband is a tuna fisherman. We were having a great time, my aunt and I are very similar despite not having seen each other for about 6 years.

Anyway, we went out one Saturday night, had a pretty big night. Then the next day we got a phone call from my uncle, who had been at sea for the past fortnight. He was only 30 minutes away, and as we hadn't stayed at our house we had no chance to get ourselves properly cleaned up from the night before! I didn't really care what I looked like, as I had a fantastic boyfriend back home. He was, incidentally, my brothers best mate.
Anyway, we rocked up to the wharf and headed to the fisherman's local. We walked in, ordered our drinks and took a seat. I was just sitting there talking to my aunt as her husband was doing fishing talk. We were the only females in the pub, but we didn't really notice.

Ok, so getting to the exciting part....
We were just sitting there talking when this guy came up and started talking to my uncle. Then my aunt introduced my brother and I. I smiled, noticed how incredibly HOT he was, even in his fishing boots, torn shorts and dirty singlet. He was gorgeous, I was too tired and hungover to take too much notice though. I didn't even think about getting with him, I mean, the night before I had rejected a guy because I couldn't do that to my boyfriend back home. Besides, I never thought anyone like Aaron would be single, or interested.

My aunt and I decided we didn't really want to hang around the pub all day so we went home to clean up, and let the dogs out. We left my uncle and brother there. I didn't even get to say goodbye to Aaron, who'd followed us from the public bar inside.

As my aunt and I walked to the car we had a discussion about how hot he was, and I learned that 'all the girls wanted him, if u were with him they'd be SO jealous!' I just laughed it off, and agreed that he was gorgeous.

Ok, so we get home, have a shower, and my phone rings. It was my brother, but when I answered, it wasn't his voice...

'Hi, its Aaron'


... jaw drops, thinking, what's going on?!
'u left! are you coming back down? you have to come back down, I want to have a drink with you'

'yeah, we're coming, we're leaving in about 10 minutes'

'ok, well I'm waiting!'
and I told my aunt, who got REALLY excited, so I had to get changed, and totally examine the situation.

So we left, and went down to the pub. We even got there in time to watch 'hot legs'! yay! So Aaron's had a shower and cleaned himself up, and was looking so good! I sat next to him, and before I had a chance to say anything there was instantly a drink in front of me, the same as what I'd been drinking earlier that day, he remembered!
so we sat with a heap of people, except my uncle who'd gone missing, and my aunt, who was looking for him. My brother was pretty drunk and said Aaron was a top bloke, and it was ok, I could be with him, he wouldn't tell my boyfriend back home. I laughed it off.

So the night progresses and my aunt decides to take my uncle home, she found him passed out in the toilets....

Aaron asks if I can stay with him. My aunt looked at me and said 'do you want to? what do you want to do?'

I wanted to stay, so I did.

Aaron and I stayed at the pub for a while with some other fishermen, then headed out alone to another pub up the road. We walked, and talked, and were getting along great. I was trying not to think about what would happen that night, or where we were sleeping... I was just enjoying being with him, he was a few years older than me, and you could tell he was mature, not like my boyfriend, who was younger than me, only 17. Aaron was 26.

We didn't stay very long at the pub before deciding to head back to the wharf. We were going to sleep on Aaron's boat! I must say, I never thought I'd get on the damned boat, it was so hard, especially in heels! I didn't even want to think about getting off!

As soon as we made it to the cabin we couldn't get enough of each other. He was the most considerate person I have been with, and everything was really perfect. We fell asleep at some point in the early hours of the morning, trying not to think too much about getting up for a 5.30am unload. As it turned out, I slept through that, Aaron wouldn't let me get up. It wasn't until my brother came on board that I actually realised that we were in port, and the boat wasn't moving anymore, and it was kind of late, so I got off the boat and went down to my uncle's. My aunt had packed me a bag and everything, so I could have a shower and get changed.

Aaron and my uncle were both sailing that day, and they'd be gone for 10 days. They were on different boats, then Aaron got moved to my uncle's boat, which was great as then I'd know where they were, and when they'd be in.

When we were driving away from the wharf after saying goodbye my aunt got a phone call from her husband asking for my number for Aaron. A few minutes later he called and asked if he could take me out to dinner when he was in. Of course I said yes. We had a cuddle and a kiss before he sailed, and he said I had better be there when he got in. Nothing could've kept me away. We had an amazing time together, we had an instant connection I'd never felt before in my life, he knew about my boyfriend at home and could understand where I was with that, he knew what I was feeling.

I was counting down the days until I saw him again, meanwhile fielding questions from everyone about what had happened the night we spent together. We both claimed we just 'snuggled' and our will power, mine in particular was praised.

When we finally got the call that they were on their way in I carefully chose my outfit and we were off. As soon as the boat was close enough to jump onto, Aaron was pulling me on board. From that moment on we were inseparable for 10 days.

I remember having a party at my aunt and uncle's house, and Aaron and I slept on the trampoline, so we could look at the stars and create our own universe.

He sailed out of port the day I left.

Since that day we have spoken every day he has been within phone range, and I am moving interstate to be with him. I don't know where we'll end up, or if it's the right thing to do, but I know I want to be with him, and I cannot imagine anyone in the universe being more perfect than he is. I only hope my heart is right, but it cant be wrong.


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