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1st and second semester

Kew and I were total strangers, we met in school during lectures. We never talked or stared directly into each other eyes. We only know each other in the lecture theatre.

The 3rd semester:

I met my boyfriend and started a relationship. On this day, Kew came asked for my contact number. I gave him a smile and handed my mobile number to him.

The 4th semester:

We entered our electives and were chosen for our course.
Surprisingly, Kew had selected the same elective as me. I knew no others except him, so the only friends we had were "each other". We were in a different class but we would arrange time for lunch and breaks in school. We would go out occasionally for movies when we had extra breaks, early release or when my boyfriend was busy.

5th Semester:

Everyone of us started with our final year project. Kew's table was beside mine. We would play around and help out each other. We would buy snacks for each other when we knew either one of us had no time for lunch. Some knew we were the best friends, some had misunderstood that we were a couple. Rumours were spreading around in the class but we did not care. He knew I had a boyfriend and I knew he had someone else in mind.

But things turned out to be different, way betond our expectation. We fell for each other. When we went out, we would behave just like any couple. I did not forget I was attached, but I just couldn't stop myself.

I have betrayed my relationship with my boyfriend. This day Kew and I were chatting, like how we used to chat on phones and on the net. Time passed very fast when I talked to him. Kew asked me a question, did I love him? I knew in my heart.. Yes! of course I did. But I had a boyfriend. Then he ask me to make decision between the two of them, I couldn't.

I had to make one. and I have chose to be responsible. I rejected Kew.

Final Semester:

We never talked again since that day, but I miss him a lot. I heard that he was very hurt by me the day that I rejected him, the day that I chose my boyfriend.

I just hope that I can tell him: I really love you like I said before, Please forgive me.

I love you always.. Kew.


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