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      Love eventualy dies


It was like the Ally Mcbeal episode, where actor Harry Connick Jr refers to his ex-wife and says to Ally, "She wants to be a family again". Except my case ended a little differently.

He is 25 and has been divorced for 2.5 years, with a 2 yr old daughter. We shared musings, sunsets and dreams. Everything was almost perfect. I thought I had finally found a person whom I could connect with, on every level. It was like winning a lottery. We spent every night together before the visit.

His ex-wife came for a visit with his daughter. He said he needed to spend some time with his daughter during the visit and asked me to trust him. After a week of bonding with his daughter, his ex-wife made a plea at reconciliation and he agreed to it, for the sake of the child, or so he claims. When asked if he loved his ex, he said that love eventually dies and that ours would too, in time.

Was I a fool for loving a cynic? I am not religious but the verse Matthew 6 "Do not give pearls to pigs..." has a ring of truth. What love can one expect from a person who does not believe nor fight for it. Lesson learned: Ex.'s should be kept a distance of football field away from current partners. Make that a 1000000 light year's distance. No compromises.

Meanwhile I am working at thinking good thoughts of them. Wishing them well would be a feat for one who wants to wish them a million warts on each side of the face.


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