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      The way that fate works


It was September 11, 2001 and I was visiting family in Lower Manhattan when the terrorist attacks occurred I was walking down the street about 6 blocks from the towers when the first tower fell. I ran and as I was running I tripped and a tall muscular man had scooped me up because I had a pretty bad cut on my head. As I looked up at him I felt so connected in this time of terror, I felt safe in the middle of all of that commotion.

He helped me into a deli and I cleaned up, and got a bandage. I asked him his name and he replied "Chance". I thought to myself what an odd name but I liked it because it was like he was my second chance. We asked each other a couple of questions and realised that he was visiting a friend and he was from Denver, CO. I thought "that is awful nothing will pan out because he is so far."

After making sure that my family was ok after a week I returned to Rochester, N.Y. where I was from, and continued with life.

About 3 months later I received a job offer from Arkansas where I got an excellent state job. I gave thought to the man that I had felt such a connection with on that fateful day in NYC. After moving to Arkansas I had made a friend that I worked with and she said that she really wanted to set me up with one of her husbands friends who he golfs with and he is new to the area. I agreed after two weeks of her begging.
As I got ready for the date I was nervous and wondered what will he be like. I was to meet him at the local coffee shop and stand outside, the weather was warm and the sun had just set. In the distance I could see the muscular man approach me and as he got closer I stood shocked he looked so familiar. It was that nice man "Chance" that scooped me up from the street in N.Y. , as our eyes met he smiled and we both couldn't believe it, what a small world we live in.

We dated for a year and tied the not in October 2002. I am now expecting our first child, and I really know now that he was my "second chance".


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