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I have named this story regrets because over the years I have a lot, why do we people fall in love give everything and end up with a broken heart? we never learn our lessons.

Love is a strange thing, the pain which you feel after you finish with someone is indescribable, I have experienced hurt in years of looking for that right person, I've been having an affair with a lady for 4 months, it was very risky it was going nowhere because her job was intertwined with me and my family, the dark nights hid what we were doing but we knew that sooner or later we would go our separate ways, she's just separated from her husband, she is a very beautiful lady, sexual, sensual and caring. Four months that have made us both smile, we were very happy pinching spare moments whenever, but I know she has met someone else. I told her to do that and now she has I am gutted. A lot of you will say, 'but you are married' but there are a lot of things wrong with the marriage

My heart is broken, I am in the dark with my feelings and my broken heart.



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