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      Victim of love


My lost love, it has been two months, two months when you walked out my life and never came back. I waited for such a long time but you never turned around. You promised me the world, you said to me that I am the one and only pretty girl in your life. I still remember when you said that I would be the mother of your kids and I was so happy to know that in your mind I would someday be your wife.

Then the time had come when I found out that I'm not the only girl in your life. I was lost into the darkness. I don't have anything to hold onto. I couldn't moved, I was paralysed when I heard the devastating news that you are going out with that girl at the same time as me.

Why?, Why did you do this to me? I thought you were serious I thought we were meant to be. But I was wrong. All the sweet words you said were all phoney. But because of the unconditional love that I felt inside I beg you to come back in my life but I was shocked to know that you don't love me anymore. You choose her---- that bitch lady. I told you that despite of what you did I still love you and I always will because you are my first love. You will be the only special person in my life please remember this Justin.

Till now I'm still grieving but I do believe that God is always on my side helping me in many ways. Babes, I hope that she will love and respect you as I do. But I still believe that someday you and me will find our love again. I pray for your happiness and good future.

Loving you always,



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