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      When will I see him again


A friend of a friend, we met at a 3 day rave over New Years, he's mysterious & sweet with the most incredible smile. Didn't pay much attention at the time but found him slipping into my thoughts constantly in the weeks that followed.

We met up again at a music festival a month later, we chatted, laughed and went our separate ways at the end of the day. Thoughts of him more frequent and snippets of our conversations & his facial expressions flashed through my mind, the smell of him fills my senses.

Another month, and he's there at another festival, I see him and ache to be closer, we come and go from each other all day - I go back to a friends place he comes too, 1/2 my concentration focusing on him the whole night long. I dare not sit too close as I know I'll lean over to kiss him, I try to distract myself by talking to others, I feel my wanting radiating off me and wonder about his thoughts.

3.30 am he asks me if I'd like him to drop me of in the city on his way to work at 5.30 I agree, we go back to his place and chat on his couch for an hour - 4.30 he says he's going to lie down for an hour and would I like to join him, we go to his room and lie next to each other our sides and arms touching, hearts beating, the clock ticking, he puts his arms around me and we're spooning, we fit together well I say - he agrees, we're holding each other so tight, but its not close or tight enough, his hands begin to caress my bare shoulders, I melt into him, we make love slow but intense, we haven't much time, we're both spent, lying next to eachother, holding, kissing, murmuring, I can taste his sweat on his skin, me wishing this moment not to end.

The alarm goes off - 5.30.. we lie holding each other a few moments longer he showers, dresses, he lies next to me again for our last few minutes, kissing, holding, caressing, my heart nearly tears itself from my chest as I drag myself off his bed and out into the cold dark morning to his car, we chat, the longing already starting its rhyme pulse though my body, he drops me at a station in the city, we kiss, I take my last look at him, I close the door sorrowfully, walk up to the platform, sit on the cold bench, wait for my train, pure joy and heart wrenching sorrow intermingling though me.

6.50 I open my front door, have a shower, lay down wet on my bed, imagining the arms wrapped around my body are his not mine. I fall asleep and wake up an hour later, put on my suit, put up my hair and walk out my door back to the train and work.

Three days have now passed, I ache, I long, I dare to dream, he fills my mind, I see his smile, smell his scent, hear his voice, feel his touch, revel in his comfort, tear apart in his absence, wonder about his thoughts and when I shall see him next.


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