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      Unrequited Love


It is hard to deal with a love once shared with someone, but sometimes it is even harder when you have to deal with an unrequited love for someone.

It all started last year, we hit it off pretty well, however he didn't want to get involved, and I pretended I didn't either. I didn't see him over the summer, we were both on vacation. When I saw him the start of the new school year my heart fell in love once more. He still just sees me as the mess around with girl, although I have never done anything. Now it is February just 4 days before Valentines Day. I was hoping he might ask me, being that he kind of hinted it. Yet, when I called him today it seemed as though he was busy asking some other girl, who was at his home.

Sometimes I wonder, how could someone treat you like a queen, and then deny you of your throne. Often ,I feel as though he is ashamed of me. However, I promise myself that I will keep my head up high, and respect myself forever.


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