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      Love from across the seas


Love is something that is real, something that stays throughout time. I never thought it to be possible but now I live a reality.

2 1/2 years ago I travelled to Hawaii. Sun and surf what else could I want, until I met Steve. Wow, how he has taken my breath away.

2 1/2 years constant visits, phone calls, emails and letters and I don't believe that I could love anyone more than I love this man.

With such time passed and separate lives to live - yet our love has lasted.

I very am proud to say that this year I am becoming his wife and moving to unknown territory, but that's what you do for love, you move into a space you have never been before because it is only when you do so, do you really allow the two souls to come together.

Steve, thank you for everything you are, everything you bring to me and the way you make me feel. I love you - yesterday, today, tomorrow and forever.


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