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      I fought the odds, and WON!


When I was a junior in high school, I had no boyfriend, nothing! I was having fun doing my own thing. Well, prom time in May rolled around and I didn't have a date. It was exactly 10 days before the prom when my best friend said, "Well, Todd doesn't have a date, ask him!" So, that was the plan. I had my last period class with him, so I would ask him then! Well, he wasn't in class that day, so I was a little upset. We had 5 minutes of class left and then he walked into the classroom.

My best friend was trying to get me to ask him, BUT I just couldn't. So, when the dismissal bell rang I just left class. I was walking down the hallway when Todd came up behind me and asked me to the prom... and yes I agreed.

The day before the prom, many members of the junior class were decorating, including Todd & I. Just watching him made me realize that I liked him as more than a friend.

The next day we were off to the prom. I had never been on a date with a guy that I liked that much, so I was a bit nervous. We went to the prom, had a good time, but he never tried to kiss me the whole night. So, when he took me home, I was getting out of the car and I just leaned over to kiss him on the cheek.

The following Monday at school I began to tell some close friends that I really liked Todd. One of Todd's friends (also my friend) came to me and said that Todd liked me as well. Todd asked me out for the weekend after the prom, but I was going to be out of town. We never went on that date. I called Todd a couple of times, but he was never home, and he didn't return my call. Summer came, and I didn't try calling him again. I thought about him all the time, but the feelings had faded.

Our first day of being seniors came, and Todd began talking to me a lot. The seniors had a lot of field trips, and Todd was on my bus. He sat behind me and flirted, and would joke around to my friend April and say "April will you ask Jessica what she is doing this weekend?" I would also joke around and be like "I am washing my hair." Things like this went on a while until one day at school we had to give reports on our life which included pictures. He saw my senior picture, and after class he asked if he could have it. I let him have it, and he went to hang it in his locker. He also asked me to call him, and I pretended to have forgotten his number. I called him one October day, and we dated the rest of our senior year.

Todd was more experienced than I was, and I honestly didn't know the secrets to making a boyfriend happy, so at the end of our senior year he broke it off. We were going to different colleges anyway. That summer he dated a different girl, and I also dated a different guy. When college began we ended up at the same community college and every day for about 3 months I had to see Todd and his girlfriend together. My other boyfriend Dan and I broke up, and I was left with no one. Todd's new girlfriend hated me, especially when a nasty note showed up on her car, and she blamed it on me. WHICH I did not do. After dating her about 4 months he broke up with her and that was when I moved in on him. I wrote him and told him that this was our chance to be together. But he said he needed time to be single and do things on his own. There were a couple of days at college when Todds ex would be at his vehicle trying to get him to talk to her, but they would end up fighting.

Todd remained single from late November until late March. I was so desperate to get him back that I even had a Christmas party at my house JUST to get him there. We ended up making out, but he still insisted on being alone. So, I dated another guy, Jason and Todd found out. He would call and ask me if I loved Jason, or if I still loved him. I only dated Jason a month, and then I called Todd to tell him I was single.

Todd and I began dating in late March of '02. During April his ex girlfriend from the previous summer kept trying to get him away from me, but it didn't work. We even had a huge argument at college, and I basically told her that he would be mine in the end. Todd and I dated from March '02 until September '02, when he broke things off with me. It had turned out that in the last month I was slacking off... not doing things he wanted to do, and Todd began hanging out with other guy friends, and Todd felt too tied down to me. I came to find out Todd began dating someone else (which only lasted a month), she lived an hour from our hometown and he never went to see her. Then after they broke up he called me for about a month and finally confessed to me that he felt he needed to date someone else so he would know for sure if he still needed to see others, or if it was ME!!! To see if I was going to the "the 1 and only for him." We began dating again in November '02 and this past December he proposed! We are now happier than ever!

In fact this story doesn't show much detail, and you will not know how much I fought for Todd unless I could sit down and share every detail of this story. I knew he was the one I wanted, and I fought everyone for him!! Even while we saw other people, we always loved each other, and kept each other close to our hearts.


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