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      Will she ever believe in love ?


I believed in true love from the time I began to understand life , but I never thought I would ever be in true love.

I met her on the internet about a year ago, our introduction to each other took place in a very unusual way. She was totally unknown to me as I was for her. We met on a chat channel, on the main window she was being abused by someone, and I don't know what happened to me that I began warning the one who was abusing her not to do so. And after a few talks with her we became friends. The relaxation, comfort and love that I felt was like never before. I felt that I had a reason to live in this world, that is, I will live for her.

The day came when I splashed out my feelings to her and her answer struck my heart very deep, she said she doesn't believe in anything known as love, she thinks that love is nothing but pain. As days went by we got even more closer and I would tell her that I truly love her and that true love exists in this world. She became so close to me that she would say everything that's in her heart. Once she said that I thought I loved you but I don't think I can call it love and she said that Justin, if I ever fall in love, it would be with you.

She cares so much for me, it's like if I get hurt she feels the pain. I couldn't meet her anytime because she is in Canada and I am in Kuwait. But everyday we chat on the net.
She once told me that I think its better you go on with someone else in your life, someone who will love you. But I told her that souls cannot be replaced and that she is my soul-mate.

In between she started talking with me in a rude manner but she didn't mean to behave so , she did it because she thinks it would be better if I go on with my life without her.

She was very sweet before, she is even now. But the thing is, the more I try to show that love is the most beautiful thing to happen with a person, the more she takes it as crap.

She told me once that she thinks it will hurt her parents if she keeps up a relationship with me. We are of different religion as well as different countries.

She is a very simple girl and a little small too. She is 16 years of age and I am 19 .
No matter what it may be for me, my love for her shall remain forever even if she doesn't ever love me. She says she will never marry anyone because she wants to be with her parents and take care of them whole of her life. Of course, I do not want to marry anyone else other than her because I don't want to ruin any other girls life whom I will never be able to truly love.

I'm happy, at least she regards me as the closest to her. She trusts and believes a lot in me, she says I have everything in me that she will ever want in a guy and she doesn't know why she cannot say yes to me.

My story has a start but the end is not sure.
The question lies in my heart.

Will She ever believe in love??

(email address left at the request of the contributor)

Please advise me on what can be done and what should I do to make her realize how beautiful love is.

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