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      My love, a coincidence


My story is kind of weird. Well, where we met is the only weird place. Let me tell you how it happened:

It was Dec '01 and my friend and I went shopping when some cute guy told my friend that his brother wanted her number. This cute guy was Chris and his brother was Isidro. My friend gave Isidro the number and Chris told me to write my number too, but I refused.

Jan '02 and my friend called me with Isidro on three-way. He told me that Chris asked me to hook up, but he couldn't ask me because he was grounded. I wasn't thinking and I said yes. We barely talked so in Feb '02 I broke the news and said goodbye.

Never did I think we would talk again, but on April 10 '02 I called him to see how his life had changed. He said his life was the same and the only difference was I wasn't in it. He said he never played me. I realized then that I was falling in love with him all over again. I said I was sorry and offered him a second chance.

I never thought we would last, but it is now Feb '03 and we are still together. On Feb 10 '03 it will be ten months that we have been together sharing our love through good times and bad.

Our relationship was kind of a coincidence because it was really supposed to be my friend and Isidro, but they never hooked up and now, they don't even talk.

I have to say, I really love him!



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