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      My prince


I had just started college and broken up with my x-boyfriend after a long term relationship. Still heartbroken, I took every opportunity flirting with guys and going on rebound, but sadly no one caught my eye.

Sometimes we spend half our lives looking for something that isn't really there. So I stopped looking and got on with my life. Being alone was very hard and sometimes I would still dwell on the past and cry myself to sleep. Every girl in college seemed to have a guy apart from me. It Isn't the fact I couldn't get a guy, just the fact that the ones I had met weren't really my type.

I knew deep down inside my heart that my prince was in this college, but where? when would I meet him and how would I know when I saw him?

I had now been In collage for three months and I kept believing he was around. I never told anyone how I felt because they would have probably thought I was mad.

At this point in time one of my mates had got into a relationship. She was always talking about him. It got me down listening to how happy she was. I one day asked her when I would meet this special guy of hers? Problem was every time we were close to meeting, we always missed each other by seconds. If he walked through the doors, I'd be on my way out. A bit like a film where everything is by chance.

Finally It was a Wednesday morning and a few mates and me were In the library studying. All of a sudden, my mate nudged me "It's him, he's here!" Great I thought, finally I get to meet Mr nice guy. He came over and put his hand on her shoulder and asked her If she was ok? I looked up and he smiled. I smiled back.... He already seemed to know my name. Apparently because one of his mates had fancied me a few months back.

People often ask "when do you know your in love?" maybe It's not a question of knowing, but feeling it! and I knew at that point that this guy was the prince I'd been waiting for.

The only problem was, he was going out with my mate. The reality of it all came crashing down. So many questions I kept asking myself... why didn't we meet first? would he ever like me back? why did it have to be like this? now he was going out with my mate, he was always hanging with us. He was always so nice to me when it got to a point I couldn't handle it anymore and started blanking him. He started noticing. I had given him my number time back and then one night he rang me asking me if we were ok with each other. I just said yes and the friendship continued.

A month later things weren't going too well between him and my mate and every time they argued he would come to me and confide. It was so hard because I was now in love with him and could kick myself for giving him advice. I just wanted to tell him, but that would mean risking everything.

One day a massive fight broke out between him and my mate and things got rocky. He ended up taking the train home with me and we talked. I can't remember how the subject came around, but because of rumours he told me he loved her and didn't fancy me at all. Fine I said, I made out like I
didn't care. When we got off the train he always had to get a bus from the station, so I waited with him. Then I broke, I had to ask him. Trying to sound casual about the subject, I asked him if he had ever noticed me before my mate. To my surprise he said YES! We spent an hour talking that night at the bus stop. From that point on things changed between us. We didn't have to hide our feelings toward each other any more, As for the rest of the world, That was a different
matter. It doesn't matter how hard you hide things, you always get caught in the end. My mate had broken up with him by this point, but still liked him. He didn't want to get back with her because of obvious reasons. Every time she spoke about him I became tense and upset. I couldn't believe I was doing this to her, but It wasn't my fault. I was only human. I didn't set myself out to hurt anyone. Finally she started noticing my reactions and sat me down to talk. She asked me if I liked him. I couldn't lie to her anymore and said yes. Her face Dropped, she then asked, Does he like you? I shrugged... Maybe! She got up and walked away. I then knew I had lost a friend and I knew It was only a matter of time until the whole college would find out. And they did. I lost friends, confidence and reputation. Life was very hard for 7-8 months, but the person I risked it all for was there. He supported me everyday and If things went wrong and I couldn't cope. I always knew where his classes were. He never turned his back on me and I will always be thankful to him for that.

It's now been one year and three months and things have calmed down. We are still together and my love for him has remained just as strong. I don't think that could ever change. He is my hope, my faith, my dream, but most importantly my prince.

I would go through it all over again just for him....


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