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      It will hurt for a while


I suffered from shyness all my life.

Finally at the age of 27, I met someone over the internet who was equally as shy. After talking on the phone for weeks, we met. It was my second date. It was always hard for me to meet men because I would be nervous and not know what to say. After the second date we had sex. I did it because I finally had the courage to have sex with someone and I was tired of being a virgin. After that the telephone calls slacked up. I was still clinging to him, because I didn't know if I could ever find someone else and was too shy to try.

He began only asking me to his house for sex and I would go. In between that, I would be at home wishing he would call and crying.

Finally, we had an argument & I told him I was tired of him treating me like that. After I got home I was panicked and wished I hadn't done that. I want interaction with him even if it's the little bit he is willing to give, so I called him & left a message. I hope that he calls me back, if not... I will just have to go on.

I'm not going to kill myself over this. It will hurt for a while... but I will survive this!


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