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      I miss my boyfriend


My boyfriend broke up with me about 2 months ago and I haven't been coping very well at all.

He was my best friend, soul mate and boyfriend. We were friends for three years before we went out together and the crazy thing is when he asked me out I wasn't sure about him then one day, out of the blue I realised I felt something for him. We were together for 6 months and then I had to move away to Uni. I found this hard but he told me he loved me and that we would be okay. My boyfriend visited me every weekend and this continued for a year.

I started to miss him and decided to transfer to a Uni. back home to be near him but for some reason things started to go downhill, I noticed a change in his behaviour. We had our ups and downs then out of the blue he told me that he didn't like my nagging. I didn't realise I nagged, I didn't mean to do it, I suppose it was a way to get him to notice me. He was always out with his friends I didn't mind it was just that he never took me anywhere and I suppose that's why I nagged. we only go to the cinema.

Just recently he booked a holiday with his friends, I didn't mind that either I just told him that it would be nice if we went away together as well, as soon as I said that, he told me I was nagging again and told me the relationship was over.

I was devastated. I loved this man so much and I wanted to take care of him. There was nothing I wouldn't have done for him. He would only phone if he needed something. I kept asking myself "what have I done to deserve this rejection?". I never wanted anything material I only wanted his attention he used to be so loveable he was always telling me I was the one I'm a decent girl with a lot of love to give I've never cheated on him or done anything nasty to him. Why has he broke my heart.

He told me he wanted time on his own. I hope one day he realises how much I love him. He still carries my photo in his wallet, I cant understand that when he doesn't want me anymore why carry my photo?. I'm devastated



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