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      We were just friends


We were the best of friends. We've been sharing secrets since our moms put our cribs side by side. We grew up as teenagers and I realised then that I was in love with my best pal.

It was hard to keep it to myself, because I knew all he thinks of me is that I'm his little sister. Even if it's just a one year gap. I was there when his girlfriends hurt him. I was there for him when he needed a slap for being such a moron. I was there for him when he just needed some advice on pick-up lines for this new student. All the time I would just be there for him, either to laugh, to smack, or to help him through troubles.

He teased me about maybe committing myself to church someday because I never went out with other guys.
At that time, I was too in love with him to notice other guys.

He never saw me as me.
I wish I told him then of my feelings before we parted for universities.
I wish I told him then that I loved him more than anybody else.
Because now it's too late.
and I watched as tears went down my face.. I watched as he walked his bride out of the church in a wedding dress that I must've imagined myself wearing for a thousand times.

It was too late... we were just friends.


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