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      Hustlers heart


The life they called it, hustlers dream, sensuality seduction and deception. At the time, I was some top Vegas hotel owners girlfriend and former show girl newly turned con woman, the hotel owner was to be my new prey. But then I met him.

He was a retired marine colonel with a classical sharp like face, salt and pepper beard and the best posture Id ever seen. With the three piece suit he was wearing he looked like money so I did as they say buttered up to him a bit. He was so proper and my interest diffused. So we kept conversing. That night I felt as though he had seduced me and days after the initial conversation I found myself going back for more. Within a week (as cliché as it may sound ) I was in love.

My whole life I had used my beauty to manipulate men. But for the first time, I actually felt respected. But along with that small aspect in mind I felt many other emotions that I had prayed were mutual.

The next week like mindless teenagers tantalized with lust we ran off and got married then moved. Ironically
he was only to spend 2 weeks at the hotel and within those two weeks God strategically placed a miracle in our lives.


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