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      Love is never real


I am young and I know I will have many more men in my life. But we all know that first one is the one to stay in your mind forever.

No matter how much you hate him you love him. I don't know what happened between us. He was the sweetest man I have ever known and he was my first high school love.

I was 14 and he 17. Everyone told me it would never work out but we wanted it at first to last forever (but hey we all wish that). His name was John and he stole my heart. We shared so much but he told me all the time he could go through the whole relationship without even kissing if it made me happy. He understood that I was not and would not do it for a long time.

We were together so long then he told me he loved me so much but his love for me was weakened and he didn't know why but it hurt him. I sat there on the phone and took every word in slowly. When we got off the phone I cried for what seemed like days. Only about a week later he decided to get a new girlfriend and his explanation, so it would help him move on.

That day I gave up I sat in my bathroom with a knife and a whole hour went by with me sitting there. All of a sudden the phone rang, it was my best friend she said she knew something was wrong and if I did anything stupid she would beat up my ex. I started crying and laughing all together I put up the knife and thought of how love will find me again and hey it may be better than before so now 2 months later my heart and soul are healing and I, Heather, am moving on.


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