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      My lost love (poem)


This is for my angel who I let fly but who never found his way back.

I wish that I could tell you,

Why it has to be this way,

Why everytime I see you,

I have to look the other way.

I wish with all my heart,

That we could go back to that day.

That day, nearly a year ago,

When I broke your heart in two,

When I said goodbye.

How could I hurt someone like you?

Everyday I question why.

Why I couldn't explain,

Why I couldn't ask for help.

Too ashamed to tell you,

What was going on inside.

So I pretended not to love you,

Pretended not to care.

Deep inside it hurts so much,

when I think what I gave up.

I miss the way you loved me,

I miss your smile, miss your touch.

All my life I'll keep searching,

For my angel I let fly,

I promise you this,

My lost love I will find you,

Or keep on searching till I die.


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