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      Perfect love


I first met my boyfriend while we were travelling the world, we were both young and carefree, and experiencing new things in life.

From the moment we met we got on like a house on fire. He made me laugh so much, until I cried. I loved everything about him, his personality, his sincerity, and the fact that he loved everything about me. We spent months in the hostel, sharing a room as best friends but had never even kissed. One evening we planned to travel Europe together with 5 friends. It was 7 months after we had first met, and on this trip that we finally got together, it was magical and definitely worth the wait. We both loved each other so much we didn't want to risk it until we were definite as we didn't want to hurt each other or loose friendship. But once we got together, neither of us has looked back.

After 4 years together our love seems to be getting stronger each day. We are from opposite sides of the world but have compromised with living in each others countries for a couple of years at a time. We both cross the world for each other just to be together.

He is my soul-mate, my lover and my best friend. We think we are so lucky to have found each other. Our love will last forever.


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