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      The next girl around


I used to think that love is for people who are fools. That they are too mushy and too corny. Risking everything for someone who would one day leave them. My friend too felt the same. We share the same views almost all the time and how we sometimes talk about the stupidities of love. Well, that was before I fell in love with him.

We were classmates in high school but as we advanced to the next level we got separated and we just saw each other during breaks. We became closer than before because our friendship was tested. That's when people started to tease us together. This teasing led to crush, to affection and then to love.

I tried so much to stop this feeling for I knew I was heading for a fall where no one would catch me, but I guess you just can't stop what's supposed to be. At first I couldn't look him in the eye and was so awkward when we hung around and he asked what was wrong with me? I said nothing and continued to love him more by each passing day. Everyday people were telling me I should make the first move? It's hard you see, we were just mates then suddenly I started dreaming of being soulmates with a guy who is so afraid of commitment and only saw me as his friend. lately I think he noticed it and he became aloof, not calling me and only being there when he needed something.

I tried to make him jealous but no use. today I distanced myself from him knowing its for the best.


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