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      First and only love


I was 14 at the time when I met Ryan. It was in June and me and my boyfriend were having problems. I went into a teen chat room and somebody rang me, so I said hey and started a conversation, he told me he was 17, lived in Singapore and his name was Ryan. He said something that I got mad about but I don't remember it anymore. So I just left. And for nights I kept thinking about what effect he had on me I couldn't stop thinking about him. I couldn't even decide if I liked him or hated him about what he said to me.

Well two day later I signed on to my MSN to my surprise he was there. Well after a few months past we got to be the best of friends.

It had been about four months since I met him in the chat room and he told me he was falling in love with me. And back then (before I ever met Ryan) I didn't believe in love and had no reason as I have never seen love work not even between my parents. I got scared and left.

A couple of weeks later I realised that maybe I was falling in love with him also and was afraid to do that. I told him how I felt and he told me "It's ok to fall in love because I'll be here to catch you." well the months past with me talking to him every day, falling deeper and deeper in love with him.

We lived VERY far away from each other but it didn't matter to us. Later that year he told me he will be going to MIT in Boston I was so proud of him. This was my chance to actually meet the man of my dreams. While he was telling me the great news he also asked me if I wanted to marry him, I told we had to wait until I finished high school but I would love nothing more then to marry him.

I am now 17, just finishing high school and our wedding is set for November of next year. Every night I thank god for bringing something so wonderful into my life, what a love we have if it can last over thousands and thousands of miles away from each other for this long. I have great hopes for us.


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