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      An impossibly real love


Last November, I started going online regularly due to the demands of my work. I am doing hard business most of the day so one time I decided to go back chatting at MSN -- just to clear my mind. I was just fooling around most of the time and never gave any thought to those I spoke to after I sign out.

One day in December, I was in one of those adult chat rooms trying to read on the conversations when I got this whisper from Tim. He wasn't the typical dirty talking men from the chatroom. He merely said he saw my picture on profile and thought I was really beautiful... we chatted for hours without us noticing the time until we had to go and promised to write each other when we have time. Surprisingly, he kept his word and wrote me a few letters about his vacation and about hoping I would reply.
Weeks went by with us getting closer to each other until there was no day when we wouldn't chat. We fell in love with each other hopelessly. He asked me to "take good care of his heart because it's a good heart"... somehow I was devastated... it's like my world with Tim shattered before me. I am married and I didn't tell him... so on New Year's Eve, I wrote him a long letter telling him about this secret I've kept from him and told him that had things been different with me, I will be there with him in a heartbeat. I was expecting him to get mad at me and curse at me but he merely said: sometimes when we love so much, we do things that hurt others and not know it. He told me he just never wants to lose me ever and I feel the same way.

It's been over a month and we are stronger than ever, we do not try to look so much ahead of the future but taking it one step, one day at a time... Love works in mysterious ways and if we believe enough, love will lead us to each other... somehow, someday.


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