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      I`m falling out of love


They say that when you truly love a person it means you are submitting everything to them, loving them unconditionally with no expectations at all. Yes I've been to this point but.... I went to Qatar to work and I've met this certain guy through a friend. Let's call him Mon. I'm in the period of recovering from a heartache and I can say that Mon helped me a lot to regain myself again, he's a very nice person, matured, caring and very responsible. After a month of courtship I accepted him as my boyfriend. We had nice time together and there were no signs of any negative things that could ruin our relationship, we've talked about our future plans, including marriage.

We came back to our country together, he met my parents and I met his. But time has moved so fast and he has gone again, this time without me, he left for Libya to work.

We really had a hard time coping with the loneliness. It's been months that I couldn't sleep thinking of him. But as time passed I woke up one day and the feelings I had for him wern't there anymore. I didn't mind this at first because I thought I was just already adjusting to the situation, but its true, I don't miss him anymore, the excitement whenever he calls has now turned out to be to annoying.

I don't want to hurt him, I don't want to be unfair. And I really find it hard to tell him in case he does something bad to himself. I decided to call him after the holidays but as the days pass by, the guilty feeling is with me all the time.

I have decided to call him. I want to be honest even it hurts him. It's really hard because I'm not used to hurting somebody's feelings but I have had to do it. He took it silently.

I know he's hurt...I told him I'm so sorry.


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