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      Our wonderful love, against all odds


Four and a half years ago I never thought I would be with the man I am with today. My family and I moved from Lebanon when I was 10 years old because the country was at war. We arrived in Montreal and had to start a new life; my parents had to leave everything we had behind. After I graduated from High School and then College (which for us here is not the same as university, but rather a two year preparation before university ) my mother wanted to take me on a little trip before I started my electrical engineering studies. We found a last minute deal to Miami, and took it. That decision has changed my life forever.

I had just come out of a three year relationship and wanted a break (I was 19) so I was not looking for anything serious. However, our second evening, my mom and I were having dinner and that was the first time I saw Michael. He was with two other guys, but he stood out in my eyes so much. I felt so attracted to him, not only in a physical way, but for some reason it seemed like I could not let go without asking him who he was and where he came from. But I was too shy. So that night I just went back to the room with my mom.

The next day I saw all three of them again at the beach, playing ball. I couldn't help but look at him, although he seemed not to notice me (today he says he did!) Finally, on Wednesday, I picked up the nerve to wave at him while I was at the restaurant and he, by the pool. He then approached me as I stepped out and we exchanged names and then decided we would go to the movies. It was 2:30PM. We never felt time fly, because when we parted, it was almost 8:00AM the next morning.

We talked about so many different things, things strangers don't usually talk about. I felt so comfortable with Michael, as if I had known him my entire life. At that point in time though, I did not know
just how far things would go. I was just not sure of what would happen, since he had to leave back home for Denmark the next morning, which was barely two hours after we said Goodbye. I felt so sad when the bus came to pick him up. We exchanged numbers and emails, as well as home addresses. I was scheduled to come back home two days later to Montreal.

I kept wondering if Michael was thinking about me, because I was thinking about him so much. When my then best friend asked me about the trip and I told her, she laughed and didn't put much thought into what I was saying. To her and everyone else I knew, except for my mom, this was just a thing that would be of the past in no time.

I received a letter from Michael one day later, with a cassette inside. He was saying that he hadn't stopped thinking about me, and was sending me the tape he listened to in the plane during his return trip home. I couldn't believe what I was reading, or hearing. The songs he sent me were so sentimental and beautiful, they went straight to my heart. But still I didn't know what would happen, because he lived thousands of miles away from me, across the ocean.

The hardest four years of my life, and yet the happiest, were beginning. Michael and I started writing emails to each other almost every day, and chatted often. He invited me to Copenhagen where he lived, for Christmas, which was three months later. At first I didn't know what to do because I didn't want to believe in long distance relationships, as separation is a hard thing to deal with, especially since I am such an emotional girl. However I couldn't deny the feelings in my heart, and with all the savings I had, I bought a ticket to go see him. I met his wonderful family there. They instantly loved me, and the feeling was very mutual.

On the night of the 31st of December 1998, as the clock stroke midnight, Michael looked at me and whispered his love to me. I will never forget that night. We had totally fallen in love with each other, without thinking about the great obstacles which lay ahead of us. We were just too happy at that moment to think about that reality. Michael was the most wonderful person I had ever met. He has the greatest heart, and is so loving. He was sensitive, sexy, caring, warm, respectful, so intelligent, and made me feel like the most beautiful girl in the world. He couldn't understand either what was happening to us, and although I knew how he felt, he had a secretive side I was determined to open up with time because I didn't ever want him to keep feelings to himself concerning us. This kind of relationship would not work without a lot of communication and honesty.

A few days later I had to leave again as my semester was starting. It was our first separation, and it was so painful. We kept talking on the phone as often as we could, and wrote emails to each other every day. Six months went by without us being able to see each other. It was so hard. All I did was think about him, while trying to shut out all the things people were telling me - it won't work, men can't go through LDR, how can you be so trusting, you are so naive - I had to hear that and swallow my tears every day at school. There wasn't a single person aside from my mom who believed in us, and sometimes it put doubts in my head.

It only got harder as time went by. We saw each other that summer, then at Christmas, then the next summer only, and so on... Every separation was an unbearable heartache, growing even more painful with time. Sometimes I thought I was just going to die of pain when I would sit on the plane after having left him, or return home to an empty apartment from the airport. Michael filled my heart with happiness, and made me feel so incredibly complete. The second he's by my side, I feel as though the world is all mine, and nothing can stop me from reaching to the top. He motivates me, encourages me, and has stands by me all the time. The sacrifices we were making until we reunited were never a problem in our eyes. But the distance started to weigh in our hearts so much.

We kept talking about our future together, but we didn't know when it would happen. My education was 4 1/2 years long. We dreamt of a big house by the ocean, cats and dogs, and took it even further sometimes with a little hint of shyness every time because we get so excited about those thoughts. We kept growing so close together. We shared so much together, from the laughter and the joy, to the tears and the pain. People around us could not believe it was working out. Michael and I were falling even more in love with each other every time we saw each other. I went to study there for 8 months last year and I was wondering what it would be like to live with him for the first time that long, but I was not afraid because I knew how we felt about each other. Those 8 months were amazing, but went by so quickly.

To those who are in a LDR, don't give up if you think you have found the one. In any case, you won't be able to. I am now a Telecommunications Engineer (just graduated two weeks ago!) and I am moving to Denmark in two weeks! Our biggest dream, which was to reunite forever, is going to come true, and we can't believe it.

I feel so incredibly blessed for having found my soul mate, and I hope this will be an inspiration to those going through some hard times, because God knows I did and this kind of story would have helped share the pain.

PS: Boubou, thank you for loving me for who I am, and always seeing the best in me! I love you.


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