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      Best friend


I have discovered that by reading other peoples heartache stories it really eases the sting of your own, here is my story.

I met this gal at work, and from the start I was extremely attracted to her. We quickly became friends and started doing things with our kids during the week, and on the weekends when our kids were at our X's we would go out and have fun ourselves. Over a span of 8 months our friendship grew very strong, to the point where we would call each other several times a day. It got to the point where one would think of the other, try and call them but the line would be busy because the other was trying to call them! She became my best friend, I would talk to her about everything, we have so much in common. I fell in love with her. I talked to her about it, that I didn't want to lose our closeness to someone else. At first she really considered, but then something happened in her and she pushed me away.

Now I'm left praying to god for strength to be a good friend to her and wondering how I'm going to fill this hole in my being.



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