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      What happened?


It stared as a perfect stories. We first met at our college in the library. She was sitting next to me while I was using the library computer, I heard her chatting in the IRC and I laughed, I introduced myself.

The next day we met again, we sat down and chatted for hours, I still remember what she wore, a white T-shirt and a black skirt, she look like and angel. I asked her out

On our first date we went out to a shopping mall and the funny thing is that both of us overspent, we ended up sharing our coins to get the bus home. Love sparked from that point.

I stopped my college years because of financial problems but still she stuck by me. I worked hard and we moved in together. She kept studying and I tried hard to earn for our living and for a better future.

Now I believe she is the only one destined to be. We lived happily those days. I came home, she was there waiting for me. We made love every night and I kept telling her I would love no one else but her.

Then came the bad news. She needed to go overseas to further her studies in Australia. It was very far but I believed this love could last and I encouraged her to go. Not for me but for herself and I kept telling her that we would be together forever. I still remember that night she was crying because we were to be separated. My heart was breaking as her tears were flowing.

When she went to Australia, I would call her. I kept our love aliveand then I landed a better job. With a higher income. I flew to Australia to met her. We spent a winter holiday like a loving couple destined to be together forever.

She came back for a holiday, it was Chinese new year and as a future husband and being Chinese I went to her home to meet her parents. Sadly her mom disapproved of our relationship.

Her mom forced her to end our relationship. but she insisted that she would not and she went back to Australia to further her studies.

It was another winter. I came to visit her but by now my living standard had risen because my income was much more than before. I could afford to stay in a five star hotel and dine out with good food. She was my motivation and my dedication and I planned to have our life together. Life seemed so certain for us.

I payed for her living expenses (as her mom controled her living expenses) I even payed for her university fees when she failed one of her subjects, as an international student these fees cost a lot, a loving couple and soul mate forever. I returned to my work and I worked harder than before as her mom objected to our relationship because I was from a poor family. I worked to prove her mom was wrong.

Then as she graduated, she broke the news I never expect to hear. She wanted to end our relationship. Why? But why? have I not done enough to be a good husband and soul mate.

I tried to get her back but still she tells me that thereis no spark in our love anymore.

I cried as I never cried before. I love her as I have never loved before but why did she leave me so close to the end. I know that her mom asked her to leave me and I know that she is terrified of her mom, but I kept telling her I can handle her mom. I can handle it as a man. Has I done anything wrong. I really don't know. The only thing that I do know is that I'm not rich enough to satisfy her mothers greed.

Now sitting here telling this defunct perfect love story. I will wait until she comes back to my side as I still love her deeply madly and truly. And I believe no one else will love her the way I did. I WILL WAIT.

Wish me Luck....


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