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      Saying goodbye to chat world


I started chatting a year ago and I got addicted to it like there was no tomorrow. Why I wanted to chat? well it was to take away my homesickness from the country that I truly miss. Everyday I live and breathe online forgetting the people around me like I have my own chat world that seems like I never left that country. I gain so many friends and they keep me company. Well of course through friendship I found some guys that touch my heart but never stayed, for it was so ideal to have a relationship online.

The first guy I loved online I chose to make him my best friend, what else could I do, I knew it was impossible to have a long distance relationship. I wanted him to be happy so I set him up with this friend of mine. At first he hated the idea but shortly he fell for her and that's when my love grew for him but it was too late to ask for more. I stayed a loyal friend and tried to smooth their rough relationship. Until I got tired and just said goodbye.

I met another guy in chat that I thought was my soul mate for we always have the same thoughts and opinions, in short I see myself in him if I could have been a guy. But this guy doesn't believe in chat relationships. Sad when I was finally ready for one that time. He said he loved me but he turned me down because we can't be real unless I go back home. So he said goodbye.

After that another guy came along in chat. This guy offered friendship, made me laugh each day, nearly took my heart away. It's so amazing how we never run out of things to say like everything feels so right. He lives in New York but just went on vacation in my country. So I knew with this guy I could not make it real. I was so scared to show my picture because I was always insecure of my looks, but guess what? he had already seen it! he never said anything. He said he was scared I might stop chatting with him. Knowing I was too shy! so he waited months before telling me thinking we already invested a lot of time and it would be harder to say goodbye. Right then I knew he was the guy for me and I didn't want to let him go. I was going to meet him on top of the empire state building on Valentines day. But reality definitely bites and makes a fool out of you. This guy wasn't ready to commit and have a relationship while I was dying to have one with him. So of course I ended up saying goodbye to stop me from hoping he could be mine and always be mislead by his sweetness when we're nothing but friends.

I said goodbye to chat world.


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