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      She doesn`t want to be with me


I have been going out with my girlfriend for almost 2 years now. We have been through so much together. She moved into my apartment when I was 19. I was so in love and so was she. Things didn't work out at my apartment, but her parents said we could move into their basement as long as I did some work to it. I had no problem with that, we did the work together.

Everything was going really well, until one day recently she woke up and seemed very depressed. I tried to find out what was wrong but she just kept telling me she was in a shady mood and she was fine. Finally at the end of the day she told me that she had no desire to be with me anymore and that we were separating. I am so heartbroken and confused, I don't know what to do? She means the world to me and I tried many times since then to get her back but I realized that all my attempts were in vein because she doesn't want to be with me.

To top it off, the night of the break-up I called my Uncle for advice and he told me that my grandmother is now in the hospital in a coma. Trying to deal with both of these things at the same time is so difficult. But here I am at work trying to forge on.

I know there are so many other people in the world that have gone through what I am going through right now, that's why I wanted to share my story with the world. Thank you for listening.


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