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      Young love, young heart break


I'm 15 and I fell in love... deeply, I guess you might say it's only young love, but the pain feels as if its been there for an eternity, and before anything ever showed up in this life.

I thought he loved me, because he SWORE to me that he loved me, as much, even more than I loved him, and he told me so every time he got a chance, and one day he came up to me and said "hey I need some space, I'm not ready to be in a relationship right now", I just looked at him in astonishment and I didn't know what to do, the pain rushed all through my body I wanted to die this pain is way stronger than any other I have ever felt in my short life, and I have felt lots of kinds of pain, I have been through a lot and all has made me mature early- at age 15.

He then told his friend who told me that he left me because I didn't have a good enough personality for him, I couldn't believe it either I cried and cried, No-one there to hold me, to tell me its going to be ok, all I wanted was to die, and ever since this love experience I have matured more yet.

Well I have learned that even if you suffer when you love you have to take risks, and suffering, because if you don't you are not yet ready to love, let alone to live.

I just hope all women and even men who have experienced a harsh heart break out there don't give up on love, because even though it can be painful LOVE IS BEAUTIFUL......... peace out, chill out, and stay out.... lol


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