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      We finally admitted it!!


Today I find myself in love with my best friend, my soul mate, my dream.
He is everything I want in a companion. We've been together only two months now
and sometimes I cry when I think of how I nearly let him slip right through my

He's seven years older than I am but we've been friends for many years now,
before I even had all my teeth. We became very close, he was like my best
friend, the big brother I always wanted, the one I told every single detail of
every single day.

He graduated from college and went to another country with his fiancÚ, I missed
him but even up to then I never allowed myself to love anyone, I never knew what
love was and so barely knew that I was in love with him. We kept in contact all
the time though. He left that country and went to another country to study and
then returned home. When he came home (did I mention he lives just a street away
from my house) I never saw him as often as I used to but I could see that he was
hurting for various reasons (1) couldn't get a job in his field and eventually he
told me reason #2 that he was planning to break off his engagement. I still did
not realize that I was in love with this guy and like a true friend offered
advice, support, tried to prevent him from being too hasty since being his
friend for so long I had gotten to know his fiancÚ.

He broke it off in May.

My entire life changed in August 2002. One Sunday morning while he was driving
me back from dropping off the kids I baby sit sometimes, while I was blabbing
away about God knows what, out of the blue he said, "Do you know that I love you! I am
in love with you!" I was speechless the entire drive home. We tried to ignore
what he had said in the weeks to follow. But once he said it, I couldn't help
but think back and realize that this was the man I trusted most, the one who
knew me inside and out and yes, try as I might have to ignore it, he is the man
I love. So we went out that Saturday night for a drive as we always do and he
took me to his favourite spot, upstairs a restaurant overlooking the sea and
there we spoke, with tears and emotions overflowing he apologized for messing up
my life by telling me something that he was trying to hide for years. In reply I
poured out my heart, mostly crying too, telling him that I'm glad he did,
because I am in love with him too. There we shared our first kiss.

Both our families are somewhat against this union but we are willing to risk all
that just to be together. This is the man for me and we will have it no other

I am glad that we finally admitted that all these years we were in love!!! I
anticipate years of happiness with the MAN OF MY DREAMS!


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