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      If only he could stay


I had been doubting love for a while after a devastating break-up. Finally, one day I met someone who made all the sorrow disappear. He was beautiful on the outside, beautiful on the inside, charming, loving, and completely unique. After our second date it became evident that he would one day soon move back to his country - somewhere too hard for me to adapt and somewhere too far from my own family.

I knew he missed his family, so I never tried to convince him to stay in the United States. I didn't want to waste away my years with someone who couldn't have a future with me while I was at a prime age for marriage. But I had already fallen in love way too soon, it wasn't my head thinking anymore, it was only my heart.

Eight wonderful happy months went by - full of that comfortable joy that makes me feel so at peace. I came to realize that the heartbreak was only going to get worse the longer I allowed the happiness to grow. Every time I had a happy thought, it would be replaced by a sadness that it would only be a memory. How many of these thoughts was I going to allow flood my memory? I had to end it. I don't know if he really understands how much I love him and how I only wish he would stay so that those memories wouldn't bury me in depression.


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