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      I married my blind date


This is my story on how my blind date turned into the love of my life.

A couple of years ago, I attended a beauty therapists course to further my job prospects. I had a boyfriend at the time who lived in Sydney, Australia, and as I lived in Brisbane we didn't see each other very often, but we spoke to each other everyday.

After a month doing my course, I became great friends with a girl called Heidi.
We had a lot in common and went out often, she realised that I was upset because my boyfriend was so far away and suggested that I meet one of her friends. She had more guy friends than girlfriends and said even if nothing comes of it, her friends were great to hang out with. So one night she set me up with this guy called Kai.

Neither of us knew what each other looked like so I went that night to the coffee shop where we were all to meet, no sign of Heidi. I walked around the area, while I was walking I noticed this guy at the coffee shop and was instantly attracted to him. A little while had gone by and I received a call on my mobile.
It was Kai, and he asked me what I was wearing and told him. He said to look straight ahead and he waved. To my surprise he was the guy I liked.
That night was great and he drove me home at 12am. the next day, Heidi said she couldn't find us and just went home.
I felt a connection with him, so much so, I broke it off with my boyfriend. We dated and had great fun all the time.
After a while of dating he asked to see me one day, so I went to his place.
He sat down and told me he thought he was gay.
My mouth just dropped open, I was devastated.
I got my things and left without a word.
For the next couple of months, I dated this guy called Paul, he was everything a girl could want, he drove a nice car, he was gorgeous and really into me but I kept thinking of Kai. One night I was on the phone to Heidi and we started taking about Kai.
She said that she hadn't spoken to I'm in a while and was going to give him a call.
Minutes later I got a message on my phone, it was from Kai. I was shocked, upset ,and mad.
He said he wanted to catch up. I went, because I wanted him to see, I was getting on with my life. I saw him that night and was talking about college and what I've been doing. He then told me he's not gay and he was in love with me and always had been, he just hadn't realised it.
We got back together and I was so happy, it felt so right. Even though we had our time apart we were meant to be. After a few months we moved in together and a month later I fell pregnant, even though I was 17 and he was 21 at the time we wanted to do the right thing and have the baby. My family found it a bit hard to deal with as he had hurt me in the past and could he be trusted. I was determined to show to them what I saw in him. We decided to get married and we had a beautiful wedding. Then 5 months later we had a beautiful baby girl we called Chloe.

We are now coming up to our 1st yr. anniversary. We've had some teething problems, but our love has always come out on top.

I didn't believe in fate until I met my husband.


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