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      I Wish (Part I)


This is a poem about someone who I will always hold dear to my heart. It just seems that time never brings us together at the same time for both of us have always had other people when the other person didn't.

I thank all in advance for taking the time to read this and welcome any & all responses either here or at:



I wish that I could turn back the hands of time back to the point when we were together,

A time that this man dearly misses because in your arms I feel and see forever.

I wish that you know how much I love you and how that love has never changed over time,

I wish you could look in my eyes and feel
how badly I wish you were mine.

I wish you knew how deep my feelings run for you and how they've continued to grow each day,

I wish you knew just how happy you make me in every imaginable way.

I wish that you knew beautiful lady how much I really do care about you,

Because you've been there like no one else despite all the things that I've been through.

I wish that you could feel my tears of joy
and that you would come to realize,

That every time we look at each other
how lost I become in your eyes.

I wish that you knew how much you mean to me
and that no matter what happens you always will,

I wish that you knew how each shared moment makes time in my mind and heart stand still.

I wish that so much time had not passed
before all of these feelings came about,

I wish that things went differently 2 years ago because it is you I simply cannot be without.

I wish that you could see the tears in my eyes when leaving your house that autumn night,

I wish that you could feel my heart racing knowing when we're together everything is right.

I wish you could know how much you're thought of as thoughts of you run through my mind all day,

I wish that you could also know gorgeous one is that I love more than words could ever say.

I wish that could somehow know how much I cherish time we've spent together,

I wish that you could also come to realize how much I think you're a treasure.

I wish that there was enough time in day
to tell you all the things about you I miss,

Like your eyes, smile, and the way you hold me but most of all your gentle and caring kiss.

I wish that there was enough time to tell you how much of a blessing you've been in my life,

I wish that you knew just how badly I would love to have you to call my wife.

I wish that you knew all these feelings are from the bottom of my heart,

I wish that you knew how the agony I've suffered during the time that we've spent apart.

I wish that you could know dearest Kristina that it is you I will now and forever love,

Even though you've called me a God sent
it is you who's the angel sent from above.

I wish that you could understand how I look forward to each and every call,

I wish that you could know my love how living w/o you just isn't living at all.

I wish that you could know my angel that nothing can measure your worth,

And that you make me feel so special that I consider you my heaven on earth.

I wish that you could look into my heart and recognize the pain that I really feel,

I wish that you would know just how much
that my love for you is definitely real.

I wish that you knew the difference you've made being there for me when times were blue,

If I should live to see a century full of years I know there will never be another like you.

I wish that I could be near you to watch as you fall asleep peacefully each night,

While rubbing your body all over and holding on to you ever so tight.

I wish that this wasn't the end of the poem in time maybe this will bring us together,

I have just one final wish to express in your arms is where I wish to spend forever.



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