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      Mr. Right - Just not meant for me


You know when you have one of those incredible memories that you know you'll never forget? The kind that no matter when you think of it, a big smile comes across your face and you just get this warm feeling all over. That's the way I feel when I think about meeting HIM.

We met the first month of our freshman year in college. He was so different from other guys that I knew. We would talk for hours and hours. We would stay up all night and talk. He told me all his fears, his dreams.... silly things that you probably would just keep to yourself because you think you would sound foolish... he wasn't afraid to confide all this stuff.

He was so romantic. He would leave me love notes all over the place. He would write me songs. He would send me flowers. I just felt so cherished when I was with him.

He is somebody's Mr. Right now.... just not mine. He decided that I wasn't the right one for him. It broke my heart in a million and one pieces when we broke up.

Lots of time has passed. I've found my own Mr. Right now.... one that thinks I am the right one for him. My heart has healed from the devastating break up. But I still do think of HIM from time to time... especially when I'm yearning to be "cherished" in that way again.


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