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      What a surprise


All the days of my mangled life I searched far & about for a love of my own. Someone to love and hold me dear. A someone whose love was so very clear. Someone whose love could wipe away every tear.

I think it was the searching that held me back. For as long and far I searched in need, no true love could, to me, appear.

One day, shockingly - out of the blue! What descended on me but the very thing that I had so long wanted, yet had grown to fear. For I had ceased whining and pining and wishing it be.

I decided to fill my life with service to others - to the hospital, get a pitcher of ice and water for anyone who needs it, or read a book to one who had no eyes. So busy was I in my new pursuit, I barely took note of the person at my side.

The day came when I "SAW" this person and I
"SAW" the naked love in that one brief moment of a new sight and clarity. The old saying that "a watched pot never boils" seems to be
true after all. Or, it WAS for me.


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