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      Childhood love lost forever


When I was 14 my boyfriend Matt age 16 was driving me home from a party when a drunk driver had hit us. For a while after the car got hit, I led there hurt, wondering if my love was alright. I crawled next to him and placed my head above his heart. I couldn't help but cry. Matt's last words were "Lisa I love you dearly cause your my girl now this has happened and must leave this world"

I told him what he was saying was crazy, I knew everything had to be ok. Just then he touched my face to dry my eyes, he kissed my lips, and said goodbye and then looked at me and said "no more tears ok?" A minute later his heart stopped beating and his eyes closed. I shook him many times and said very scared "Matt, baby don't you dare leave me, I love you" I kept saying it over and over till I accepted his death. I sat there for about an hour just holding him and crying.

Two years have now passed being without Matt. Just the way I lost my love haunts me till this very day, but I shall never forget Matt's sweet voice and ever lasting words.


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